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Divers Taking Care of Divers

Exclusive 3rd Reef Divers

3rd Reef Divers offers an
Exclusive 2-level Underwater Hunter Course!

Our 1st-level
 is designed to help familiarize divers in the planning, organization, procedures, techniques, hazards and fun of Underwater Hunting. It is meant to teach responsible harvesting of underwater game. 

Our 2nd-level
 represents the controlling of invasive species threatening native fish and plant populations and their habitats.  Linking invasive species management principles with hunting conservation is not only ethical but is critical. Invasive species threaten the future of our natural habitats and favorite dive sites!  

What you can expect to learn:

3rd Reef Divers Underwater Hunter course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more:

  • To develop your practical knowledge of Underwater Hunting, Responsibility and Conservation
  • To enable you to plan and organize your underwater hunting dives
  • Learn to recognize unique problems and hazards related to specific underwater hunting
  • The effects of hunting on the ecosystem and environment
  • How to manage your buoyancy and other related diving skills unique to underwater hunting


  • Collecting techniques
    • What to take
    • Where to look
    • How much to take
    • How to take it
    • Legal aspects of collecting
  • Underwater hunting techniques
    • Handling of the hunting tool
    • What species may be taken
    • Limits of taking
    • Hazards of hunting
    • What not to hunt
    • Legal aspects of hunting
  • Hunting Regulations and Rules
    • Regulations
    • Rules by diving courtesy
  • Invertebrate collecting                    
    1. Lobster
    2. Urchins



      Beyond using basic scuba equipment, your Instructor will recommend the proper equipment and tools you will need for your specific hunting dives.



      1. PADI learning materials
      2. 2 dives with Instructor
      3. Exclusive PADI Underwater Hunter Certification Card –  Valid for LIFE!

                 What's NOT Included
  • Scuba Gear rental: (BCD, Reg w/Computer, Tanks, Weights, Wetsuit)
  • Boat fees
  • You are responsible for providing your own scuba quality personal gear. Mask, fins, snorkel and boots.  Snorkel gear will not work for this course.  We also offer Student discounts on these items.