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Divers Taking Care of Divers
PADI ReActivate/Scuba Review


Congratulations! You have made the possible lifesaving decision to bring your dive training to the next level and become certified to dive and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. In the unlikely and eventual real event of an apocalypse, you will be able to utilize your knowledge and training to equip yourself with unbeatable survival skills.

A 3rd Reef Diver "Exclusive" specialty course!


The PADI Zombie Apocalypse Specialty Course is based on Future True Events

Put your dive skills to the ultimate test
You will do things you never thought possible...
You will learn... You will be Tested... You will become...
a certified Zombie Apocalypse Diver

Surviving an Apocalypse may come down to two simple rules:

Rule # 1. Don't Panic

Rule # 2. If you think you're going to panic, see rule #1.

You and your dive team will need to rely on your skills to Survive :
Scavenging materials / Search & Recovery 
Gathering supplies / Project Aware, Debris 
Situational Awareness / Navigation 
Zombie Avoidance / Peak Performance Buoyancy 
Silent Communications / Hand Signals and proper u/w light use