How To Choose Gear That’s Right For You!

Your first set of dive gear is an amazing step towards becoming a great diver. Not only does it offer you the convenience of being able to dive whenever you want, but it also allows you to work on your buoyancy skills without the variability of rental gear from all over the world. The challenge is deciding on what gear is “right” for you!

Where You Will Be Diving

Major dive manufacturers make gear for diving around the globe, ranging from the incredibly warm waters of the Caribbean to the frigid waters of the Arctic. When we talk about dive gear, we talk a lot about “suitability”, which means finding the right gear for the right purpose. Think about what your dive plans are. Do you plan to do a lot of local diving? If so, you may want to invest in tanks and weights. If you are planning on only diving on vacations, then tanks and weights can be a poor use of your money since they cannot fly easily. There are different types of gear that are made for specific environments. A warm water BCD, for instance, may not have enough lift and weight capacity for diving in colder waters with a 7mm wetsuit. So where are you going to dive?

What’s Your Budget?

All divers know that the sport does require some investment, but that does not mean you need to break the bank. At 3RD Reef Divers, we have gear packages that will to fit your needs. In addition, you do not need to buy everything at once! Good dive gear can last decades, so take your time and find what’s right for you. There’s a broad range for dive gear prices (we have BC / Regulator / Dive Computer packages ranging from $969 up to $3000+, so it’s worth figuring out exactly what you want to spend.

What Is Your Gear Priority List?

Did that rental wetsuit just not fit right? Do you want to be able to digitally log your dives via Bluetooth on your phone? Are you looking for a set of gear that can fit inside a backpack so you can travel easily? There’s a lot of gear in diving and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, “don’t worry, be happy”… our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you focus on the dive gear that will make the biggest impact on your diving life!

Dive On Down to 3RD Reef Divers

The internet has offered us an incredible amount of information, filtering through it to find which advice to take can be challenging, especially when you are new to the sport. At 3RD Reef Divers, we will never push you into unnecessarily expensive gear, but rather work with you to find the best gear for your specific needs and within your budget.

Our dive center will match any advertised price you find from an authorized dealer online!  Not only that, we will help you set up your gear and show you  how to use it properly. We offer a wide variety of gear that our dive professionals select for the safety, comfort, and fun of our customers.

We choose the products that we believe will make our divers happy and that we would dive ourselves. We offer a variety of scuba gear, including ScubaPro, Sherwood, Trident, Akona, Henderson, XS Scuba, TUSA, Genesis, and more for all of your diving needs.     

We love including VALUE in everything we do, so we’ll offer you additional benefits, designed just for you!  

Please visit our store to speak with a dive professional about your gear needs and see our amazing offers!

Get Excited!

Owning your dive gear is a ticket into the most incredible show on Earth!

Now that you have your gear, get out and dive!